Just because

Posting this 
just because this girl puts a smile on my face all day long.

Laughing at her is one of my favorite hobbies.

Big sister has become quite the little baker.
Although we are still sorting out the whole tsp. vs. tbsp thing.
She'd prefer to exercise creative freedom.  
A little of this a little extra of that.

Silas just likes the butter and sugar.
Disdains real food but could eat margarine by the spoonful.  

The only thing more frightening than children taking over the kitchen is
 computer hijackers with horrible spelling and grammar that
 threaten to "break your life."
...or just my computer.  Which may or may not be my life.

In other news.
We are still in the grip of  winter.
Fortunately my boy is proficient at bringing in firewood, building a fire each morning and keeping it going all day.
I hate being cold.   I am hibernating next to the fireplace until further notice.
When it's safe to leave my house again I'm moving to a tropical island.  

Out of desperation, and because the mail hadn't been picked up all week, I sent Roman on a journey across town to retrieve it  in -30 degree weather.  
He loves it when I give him big kid responsibilities.
School work on the other hand...not so in love with.

It's Friday tomorrow.  
It's been a long week.  Since my last honest bad attitude post I decided I needed to stop wallowing on the computer and get some stuff done.

I have been supermom this week.  Being a supermom makes me tired. 
 Tired but happy I put in the effort.
I even caught up on correcting school work.  I sat with Aili each evening (once the other kids were in bed) going over and helping to correct every math mistake.
Now that is love.
Or a really annoying mom.
Oh well, I'm sure I made up for it with the homemade pizza and popcorn we had for supper.

My new goal is to spend quality one on one time with each of my 4 kids everyday.
That sounds kind of pathetic. Being surrounded by them all day doesn't necessarily mean I'm taking the time to enjoy  intentional moments of sweetness with them.
Getting one of them alone for something other than a phonics lesson takes effort.

We didn't do a "break" this week.
I'm saving time off of school work for when the weather is nice enough to enjoy it.
For now we are hunkered down plugging away in hopes of getting through our curriculum by June.

I think we may need a "Friday fun day" tomorrow.
Silas has been begging to go camping....
We might just have to do that.

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Jobina said...

When our older two were younger we used to set up our little tent in the basement and have snacks and naps in there. The kids would play most of the day in the tent and somehow it made winter just a bit more bearable. Have fun camping or whatever you end up doing today!