la vida loca

 I live in a house of crazy.   
It's quite possible we are too far gone to be saved from ourselves.
There are children swinging from the rafters and
rappelling from the ceiling.
If only they were filled with candy.

(Aili modeling her new "love" shirt.)

Where are the adults you ask?
One is behind the camera worrying that either the house or the children will come to ruin.
The other is encouraging the chaos.
"Teaching them about different knots and pullies."
I suppose I should be glad that they will soon be proficient at doing dangerous stunts involving high cliffs and ropes.  

If only it stopped ,just once, before it irrupted into sheer lunacy.

Seriously,  there is just so much wrong with this picture. 

Which is why I am choosing to tune it all out and hide on my computer.
(Miss Cece wonders what she's gotten herself into.)
I reassure myself that God has a purpose for unusual people.
Maybe even somewhere warmer...where my children can burn off their creative energy outdoors

In the mean time, I will  enjoy the luxuries of home that now happens to include a head sitting on my piano.  
My very thoughtful and generous son saw this at a second had store and brought it home as a gift.  
"Mom, I bought this for you so you could remember me when I'm gone"
How comforting.
There is a disturbing resemblance wouldn't you say?
It will be treasured right along side all my other gifts...like the bejeweled goose eggs I received for my birthday.

Miss Cece has not hesitated in joining in on the chaos. 
She fits in quite well actually.

p.s  They have now taken me hostage.
They have strange and unusual methods of torture that include being forced to listen to shrill screaming, constant talking  and incessant whining.
They seek to break me down with sleep deprivation.
Not only have my captors  forgotten to feed me, but they demand to be fed constantly.

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Shay said...

hahaha! I love it! :)