Happy Mother's Day

As I sit at my kitchen table exhausted, with a sink full of dishes that still need to be contended with, the thought ran across my head that I should post something for Mother's Day.  As usual I have all kinds of thoughts and things to say about it...the problem is the effort it would take to bring it out of my aching head and onto the computer in any sort of coherent manner might give cause my brain to implode.

So to avoid that sort of a mess, I'll keep it very brief.

Happy Mother's day to the moms  who get up at 6 am every morning and forget what quiet sounds like. To the moms who no longer expect or need to be pampered, praised, and showered with gifts on a specific day of the year because they have already sacrificed their own self on the altar of love.

Happy Mother's Day to the empty nest moms who pour love on another generation of children.  Happy Mother's Day to the single moms, the expectant moms, the moms to many and moms to just one.

I honor  and remember the grieving moms, and the women who still long to be moms.  The Lord will fill an open heart and an open home, he is able to bring beauty from the ashes.

I thank the birth moms for choosing life.  I am forever grateful to two women who chose life for the babies growing in their womb, for my precious little girl, and for the newest child that will be added to our family this coming year.

I thank my own mom for the many years she spent nurturing, sacrificing and raising her 6 children.

This morning my kids surprised me with this necklace this morning.   I didn't expect anything other than a few homemade cards, and I honestly don't feel that I need anything gifted to me (I'm kind of cheap that way) but I love my gift.   They were so excited to give it to me.

I am so thankful today that the Lord has blessed me with 5 little ones to call my own, and a 6th that he is preparing for us.  


Kim said...

Lovely words.
I saw you wearing that this morning and was going to comment on how much I liked it but, you know, distraction knows many forms.

Lynnea said...

Can I say that is the most touching thing...way to go hubby! ;)
To remember ALL your children...those that live with you in Canada, in heaven and in China!
Happy, Happy Mother's Day and may next year be even sweeter! ;)
Lynnea :)