Deep Breaths

Our first sunny day after a solid week of rain. 
I decided to set aside my never ending to-do list and heightened stress level for a couple hours.
 I chose to...
Soak up the sunshine.
Give thanks.
Inhale grace
and exhale quiet prayers.

These childhood years are passing by so quickly.
I want to capture it,
to pause long enough to memorize the freckles, to hear the stories of adventure and conquest,
to record the sound of a toddler's giggle. 

As we trust, hope, wait and work through two different home study processes....
I find that I'm cherishing the moments with my treasures that much more.  I'm so thankful for each one of them.   

1 comment:

Marcy P said...

Oh my. Two homestudies!! I love the pics. I too am trying to enjoy those things. It is passing too quickly!