Are you his mama?

This boy has been on my heart for a few months now...like REALLY on my heart. 
If I could orchestrate a way to bring him to my home I would...but I can't.  However I will shout it from the roof tops , pray for him , and become an advocate for this child until he finds a family.  

He SO badly wants a family.  He has expressed this aching desire to others. 

I've never met him personally but I have friends who have. 
There are others who are praying that this boy's family finds him.  

From what I hear he is smart and so very capable, even though he has Cerebral Palsy. He can even walk independently and ride a bike!  His speech is affected (a bit unclear) although he does know quite a bit of  English already.

Such a handsome boy with a smile that lights up a room.  I love it when kid's have smiles that go right up to their eyes!
This boy has a heart of gold.  When a group of foster kids were pulled back into the orphanage from foster care, he volunteered to go so his little foster brother wouldn't have to.  ACHE!  
Those who have cared for him have spoken of his love, kindness and compassion. 

God has been plans for this boy.  I know it.   

His name is "Daniel", and like the young man in the Bible he is now in exile.  He was in a foster home where he was nurtured, taught, and loved  but now he is living out his days in an institution with a  small band of other brothers (foster brothers).   What is the future of these lost boys without intervention?  Most likely a lifetime behind walls, or aging out onto the streets.  

Please pray with me for his release.  Pray with me that he will be freed from the walls of the institution and reach his fullest potential as a child of God and as somebody's son.  

Is he your son?

The other two girls in the photo are now home with their forever families...will he find a home too?


Marcy P said...

Oh, now I'm aching too...he is precious! Praying for this little man to find a forever home.

Chris said...

Thank you Carla
the more people who know about him, and are praying, the better!!!
I know God has a plan, but my, it is so hard to sit back and wait to see what it is for this sweet boy!