One morning this week I asked Roman to hang the laundry on the line, a few minutes later this is what I stumbled across.  

Big brother standing on the railing, even though I know he can reach from the stool.  I guess it makes the job much more exciting.  Whatever works.

Little sister handing him the clothes pins.

You may have notice that Cece doesn't have any pants on.  I'm not sure why , at that particular moment, she wasn't wearing any but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with potty training.

I've been putting the shells of her old cloth diapers (that I had stopped using just before Christmas) over her undies for the sake of my sanity and carpets.  It seems like a good middle ground between allowing her to feel wet and not having to clean up puddles 15 times a day.

Have I told you how much I dislike potty training?

I don't care for doing laundry either....
but someone these two make both look pretty cute.


Marcy P said...

I love all of this! I love the clothesline (I miss having one), I love the son on the railing (so exciting), I love the little sister helping out, and I love the little tushy squeaking out of the diaper cover. SO cute!!

Sherri Davidson said...

I will come and do you laundry. I love to do it, especially with a clothes line. I love mine so much even though I have to 'fight' with hubby to keep it every year. LOL
Hey if I could find a way to make making meals more fun I would. Maybe I should stand on a chair? LOL