A 1/2 hr slice of my life

A 1/2 hr  slice of life at home with four kids.

A shriek comes from the basement as a protective big brother tries to remove a game piece out of a toddler's mouth only to have said toddler react like a pit bull trapping his bleeding finger in her mouth.  Fortunately this cannibalistic little girl is sensitive enough to burst into open mouthed, remorseful tears at one cry of "NO!" from mommy.   One finger bandaged, one reminder to the big kids to clean up their game, and one toddler scolded "No biting, No eating games!"

Moments later I hear a quiet "mommy...mommy?" only to look over and see a puddle of pee running down a toddler's legs and into the carpet.  One pee puddle scrubbed, one more load of laundry started.

As I load the basement washer I'm pretty sure I just hear the very faint sound of glass shattering.  I assume I'm just hearing things ...until the blood curdling screams coming from upstairs tells me otherwise.  

A big brother shrieks and points at a broken french door window pane, as a pale faced wide eyed little brother looks with quiet horror at the broken shards of glass...until he notices his bleeding foot.  Then shrieks of "I'm gonna die!  I'm gonna DIE!  I can't do this, I can't do this.  Please don't let me DIE!" start to pierce  my ears as I carry this terrified child, and his bloodied foot, to the kitchen sink to assess the damage.  I happen to notice, during my examination, that his other foot has 3 large slivers in it from him running around outside barefoot.   As I shove bloody paper towels into into the garbage bin I notice that it's nearly overflowing.

One foot bandaged.  3 slivers removed.  
What's left of one window pane removed from the frame.   
One living room vacuumed.
One garbage emptied.
One rant by mommy about how "I've told you so many times not to rough house near that door!"

Deep breaths.  One phone call to Dad.  

Naked toddler forgotten in the chaos redressed in dry , pee free, clothes.  

Snack time...

followed by a good solid nagging to my oldest daughter that she needs to stay caught up on her school work if she wants to finish it all this week. 

A jug of juice removed from the hands of a 2 year old, that has effectively removed it from the fridge, resulting in a rather impressive tantrum.

Run over my mental "to-do" list...and think I should actually start to accomplish something today.  

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