My Little Entrepreneur

A couple weeks ago Aili set up this little store on main street of our tiny village hoping to raise some money to bring her new sibling home from China.

She invited her cousin and brother to come and help staff her little store.  
She sold home made chocolate chip cookies 
as well as ear rings and other beaded necklaces (the hand crafted jewelry had been donated and was left over from our previous garage sale)

After only about 1hr out in the mosquitoes and drizzling rain she had sold all the cookies and a few pieces of jewelry.

For a grand total of $26.00 to add to our adoption fund.

Thankyou Aili!  
Your generous spirit, soft heart, and creative ambition makes your mama proud!
You are such a delight to have as a daughter. 


Marcy P said...

That is wonderful!! I love that idea!

Brook Burlando said...

Good job Aili!

Kia said...

Looove this :-)

Precious big sister...

Lynnea said...

Would there be any earrings left that I could buy???
Pick out your two fav's and send them to me...I'll make a donation to Aili's cause online then :)
Hugs! And what a GREAT cause ;)