New Hair

Me in all my glorious frumpishness.
Desperately in need of a make over....or at least just a hair cut.  It had been 9 months since I did anything to my mop.
It's in a pony tail every. single. day.

(note to self: when having a child photograph you, stand them on a chair so everyone isn't looking up your nose.)

Well, you get the picture...and it ain't pretty.

Another farmers wife, and mom of young kids, a few miles away set up a hair salon in her home (after owning her own business in town for years).  It couldn't be more convenient for me...Aili can babysit since it's not very far away and I don't have to take the travel time to get there.  Less time, less gas, and I don't have to find a babysitter!  I may actually have to get my hair done more than twice a year now!

I got quite a few inches off, lots of layering, and highlights.
It's brighter and bouncier.
It makes me happy.

My husband said I look 7 years younger and much less haggard.  I'll take that as a compliment.  

He also told me quite a few times how pretty I looked.   I was ok with just looking much less haggard.


Full Quiver said...

You look fantastic! Glad that you got some mom time away to refresh your look and hopefully your spirit. Sometimes a little time away is all it takes.
Love you and miss you friend,

Marcy P said...

You are a very pretty woman either way Carla, but I agree it lightens your face and gives you a fresh look. I love getting my hair done...just the sanity break and feel like I look human again after. It takes me 4-5 months to get mine done. Too expensive too. trying to find someone who can do it for cheaper would be wonderful!

Lynnea said...

Oh it ROCKS!!!!
It really is beautiful!
(I just got inches off too yesterday...it feels sooo much "lighter")
I don't think I look any less haggard though! lol

Sherri Davidson said...

It looks gorgeous!! So nice to have some you time! I know how rare of a treat it can be with littles around.

Christina Lang said...

I love it!!