A Busy Weekend Photo Dump

We have been on the go since Thursday, probably not unusual for most people but for this homebody it seems like a lot of stuff packed into 4 days.  
Thursday afternoon/ evening the older kids and I ran the admission booth at a Rodeo about 40 min. away.  I think it's probably been a decade since I even attended a Rodeo never mind worked at one.  Because the kids are in a horse club (4-H) this year the club provided volunteers (parents) to run the admission table as a fundraiser....so that's how I happened to be there surrounded by belt buckles and cowboy boots.  I didn't take my camera though.

The next day the kids and I headed to the city where another family in our church hosted another garage sale for our adoption.  Another $436 in our adoption fund!!  That brings us to a total of over $16,000! ...and we still have months to go! 

Saturday was our small town "Sports Day" where our tiny village of 100 people converges with all the surrounding farms for a day of baseball, pie,  hotdogs, "train" rides, a horse show, and a bouncy house for the kids.  The weather was gorgeous!

Oh, and I almost forgot face painting!  Every moms dream come true ;)

"I wanna be a kitty"

The next day , Sunday, we drove 1 1/2 hours to our church in the city (a highlight of every week!).  This time my parents met us there and then we all went to my Grandma's 93rd birthday party at a park.

Still healthy, living independently and gorgeous to boot.  She's making 93 look pretty great.

We spent the afternoon stuffing ourselves on delicious food and spending time with a whole herd of extended family.  Grandma was celebrated today by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren.  What a legacy!

Aili entertaining her second cousins. 

At the same park is a small zoo so for a couple hours we broke off from the main group to go for a little tour with my Mom, Dad, Sister as well as my Uncle and Aunt. 

Lot's of cousins and second cousins looking at a little broken bird.  

My nephew, who is going to be a big brother later this summer!  He looks just like a boyish version of his mommy at that age.  

Having a Police Officer in the family is handy if you've always dreamed of wearing a bullet proof vest.   Can't say that it's been a dream of mine...but for a boy like Roman, saying it made his day is an understatement.  

We also celebrated my sister joining our big extended family.   We've been enjoying getting to know her so much!  It kind of feels like she's always been part of the family even after only a couple months at home.  

The man of the house has been a bit out of commission on the home front lately because they are still seeding (it's running late this year) meaning he leaves early in the morning and comes home late at night....AND he broke his ankle last week (which didn't slow him down at all).  He has hobbled and limped around on a nasty swollen foot for days now and finally today was convinced to take a break from work and go see a Dr.   He's home today with it elevated and wrapped.  Tomorrow he's off to the city to get a cast put on.   Cruddy time of year to have a foot in a cast! 

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Sherri Davidson said...

Sounds like when my hubby broke his ankle. I had to literally drive him to the hospital with our kids so that he would go. Stubborn men. Lol.
Sounds like you had a beautiful fun weekend. That is awesome how much you have in your adoption fund already!!!!!