It's pretty awesome...

It's pretty awesome to have a Dad that is willing to drop what he's doing to slam out a sword and shield....just because he knows it will make you into a brave dragon fighting knight.

It's pretty awesome to have a Dad that will find the patience and time to sit and play battle ship with a table full of kids who have no idea how to play battle ship.

Yup, It's pretty awesome to have a husband who loves his kids this much. 

It's pretty awesome to have a  husband who generously embraces being a father to the fatherless.

In a world that is desperately short on men willing to be Dads....
it's pretty awesome to be married to one that 
loves being a Daddy,  a Baba,
a Tio, 
and an uncle to a bunch of kids that need a glimpse of what the Father's love looks like.  


Jenn said…
Precious!!! Praise God for those few good men!

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