Monkey Kids Show Day

I love this handsome little face!  Although the boy it belongs to is growing up awfully fast.  
Here is spider boy in his element.

We're not fans of being overly busy with activities and sports.  Our family is minimalist when it comes to  signing them up and running them around.  I suspect it's a combination of cheapness, laziness, a general disdain for structured business,  and fundamentally different priorities that contribute to the preservation of family home time and unstructured childhood play.  However, they usually do one sport type activity during the school year.  Gymnastics was a great fit for us this winter.  One day a week we drove  40 minutes to town where all three took a gymnastics class.  Cece and I did our grocery shopping while the kids worked on their flexibility, balance and most importantly burned off some energy.   It was inexpensive, and convenient.  They really enjoyed their first year in this gymnastics program.   The last class of the year the parents were invited to come and watch the kids show off their skills.

Roman is a natural gymnast.  He LOVED it.  The more he can throw him self around the better.

It was so good for this lanky, vestibularly challenged girl to work on the things that don't come so naturally to her.  

It was a challenge for Silas to stick it out and get through the year but it was good for his courage.  There were a few weeks he didn't make it past the front door, but most days he looked forward to it.  He is mister competitive and took his "show day" very seriously.  He practically ran across the balance beam so he could "win"... because it's always about speed. 

They made their mama proud.

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Marcy P said...

Wow!! I love gymnastics! My kids don't get that opportunity at this point. I think it's a great sport. Teaches balance, strength and flexibility. I love the pic of your sister and daughter together.

By the way, I have a "secret blog" that my community/church are not viewing and have some spiritual and more personal ponderings on. I also just wrote about where our hearts are at with adoption (??) again. I would totally love if you could pray with us about it. My address is http://marcylovesherlife.wordpress.com/