Happy Resurrection Sunday!

"At the first glimmer of dawn, Mary Magdalene and other women headed to the tomb to wash Jesus' body.  The early morning sun slanted through the ancient olive trees, drops of dew glittering on the leaves and grasses - little tears everywhere.  The friends walked quietly along the hilly path, through the olive groves, until they reached the tomb.  And immediately noticed something odd - it was wide open. 
they peered through the opening into the dark tomb. But wait.  Jesus body was gone!

...The angel asked them " What are you doing here?  This is a tomb and tombs are for dead people".
The women couldn't speak.
"Jesus isn't dead anymore! he said "He's alive again!"

And their hearts leapt.   And then the angel laughed with such gladness that they felt, for a moment,  as if they had woken from a nightmare.... 

.....and it seemed to her that morning, as she ran, almost as if the whole world had been made anew, almost as if the whole world was singing for joy - the trees, tiny sounds in the grass, the birds...her heart.  

Was God really making everthing sad come untrue?  Was he making even death come untrue?

She couldn't wait to tell Jesus' friends.  
"They won't believe it! " she laughed."

(Children's Story Book Bible  "God's wonderful surprise")

"It's the Truth that overcomes the terrible lie.  God loves his children.  Yes, he really does!"

 "This is our king!  The Lamb who died, so we don't have to - our Rescuer.  All Honor and Glory! Forever and ever."  (pg. 345 "A Dream of Heaven")


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