Introducing my new sister!

{My Mom, Dad, Aili and my new sister at the airport}

 After several years of seeing photos of her and hearing stories from my parents.  After two years of adoption process,  after a lot of waiting and a lot of prayers, she's finally home!

{Aili meeting her new Auntie}

She has only been home for a few days but she's adjusting to her new world so well.  Just taking it all in stride.  I'm sure it helps that she has known my parents for years, and has lived with them for months at a time in Haiti.   She is a courageous young woman, who has a generous smile.  She is adapting to this change with an incredible amount of poise.   In the last few days she has experienced so many firsts...an airplane ride,  hot running water, a dishwasher, apple juice, Walmart, vacuuming, a house with carpet, wide open spaces, Canadian weather....such a different world than where she came from.  

We are enjoying getting to know her and look forward to many years of friendship ahead. 

{Me on the right with 2 of my 4 sisters)
We had a little pizza party this evening.

I think she'll fit in just fine.   The kids already adore her.  Silas asked me after his first time meeting her 
"Why is she so pretty?"   She is a beautiful young lady.
I'm so happy that she now has a family, a future, and a place to belong.

This little girlie is my sweet niece.   Cute like her mama.


We Are Family said...

Wonderful! Not mention, she is gorgeous!

Jenn said...

Congrats on your new sister!! What a blessing!

Marcy P said...

So so SO happy for you all!! She is very beautiful, just like her sisters (and neices) and I will pray that she can continue adjusting well. I can imagine that there will be moments when she will be overwhelmed.