Sunshine and Chickens

Just to prove that our Spring is extremely extreme.  A couple days after my last snowy post...summer showed up for a visit.
So beautiful.  So warm.

We got a little yard work done.  

We spent some time playing outside.

We cooked some food over a fire.

We visited some friends and their chickens.

The flip-flops came out of storage.

We are SO ready for summer!  

Seeding season has officially started on the family farm.  The Hubster will be spending the next few weeks in a tractor.   So far parenting solo during bedtime/ evening  has been going really well.  It seems to be smoother than it was for the last couple years.  Probably because Silas and Cece have grown up so much since last spring.  The spring before that I had a colicky newborn so this year seems easy breezy.  I'm sure by the next post I'll be singing a different tune.   Most likely it will be a desperate cry for help from a mom convinced she won't make it through single parenting season alive.   

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Marcy P said...

Amen to the arrival of summer!! We had more spring-like weather in the form of rain, but I will take that any day of the week over snow. Shiver.