Split Personality Spring

Spring here in the great white North gets easily confused.   He's a bit lacking in confidence and follow through.   Just when we think he's finally got the hang of things and is ready to take over from Old man Winter he slinks off and disappears for a few days.   Mind you Old man Winter is a tenacious old fellow who doesn't easily give up control.  

We might see Summer arrive before Spring can get his act together.   The forecast says 20 degrees Celcius tomorrow and 24 degrees C for Monday.   I'm dreaming of flip flops, and lilacs.


Sherri Davidson said...

Wow so fluffy. I am thankful we only had showers. I imagine though that it will melt fast.

Marcy P said...

Oh my. There are not enough words to express my sympathy here. Beautiful but OUT OF PLACE....wait. We live in Canada. So, it's ok then?