Family Day

We managed to sneak in another lake day today....even though Harvest has begun.  Things aren't quite in full swing yet so we had a day to have some fun.  Even after just a week of Daddy working long harvest hours the kids were glad to have his attention again.

Our little sailboat (Tanzer 22) is parked at a lake about  1 1/2 hrs away, so that's were we decided to go spend the day in the sunshine.  Unfortunately  (for the sailors in the family) there was no wind.  I was happy just to beach the boat and let with kids play.  

We tried the sails for a bit and let the kids take turns getting pulled behind the boat in the life ring.  Like I've said before, my kids are easily entertained.

Silas is usually a little nervous at first but he was mister brave in no time.

It was such a beautiful day, and the lake was so quiet and gorgeous.   It was so peaceful.

We're not only soaking up the last bit of summer weather but the last bit of family time as well.  The next month will be a busy one. 

When I stopped to think about it, it's been quite a while since we did something fun, with just the 6 of us.  Just our crew.  

It really was just what I needed.  It's been a stressful week, on the adoption front, and somehow that translated into things falling apart between me and the kids.  I have been so preoccupied with the child I don't yet have in my home that I've been pretty good at being unpleasant to the children I do have in my home, and they responded by being little beasts right back.    Anyway by the end of the week, we were having trouble liking one another, never mind actually enjoying each other's company.   I love how days like this remind me how much I love being a mom,  how much I love my kids....and even how much I even like being with them.