I want to stay with you forever

A bedtime conversation with my littlest boy,  my little worrier.

Mom, what happens when I have to grow up and move away? 

You'll start your own life, maybe you'll go to college, or find a job you like to do.

 I don't want to leave you, even when I'm an adult. 

Well, by the time you're about 18 you will want to be out on your own.  5 year old boys aren't supposed to want to move away from their moms.... but little boys grow up and change their minds. 

 I don't even know where I'll live. I don't have a house. 
 Do I have to build a house or do I just buy one? 

Some people build houses but a lot of people buy their houses.

I don't know how to build a house.  That would take a long time.   Did you buy your house or did you and Dad build it?  

We bought our house.

How much did it cost?  

A lot.  

Did it cost $100?!

A bit more than that. 

Did it cost $116?  

yeah...it cost $116

Woah...that's a big waste of your money.   I don't want to move away.   What if Jesus tells me it's time to move out but I don't want to yet?

I guess if Jesus tells you something you'd better listen.  If he tells you it's time to do something he'll make you brave too.

Well I just want to stay here with you forever.   
{skinny little arms wrapped firmly around my neck}

Ok my boy,  you can stay here with me as long as you need to.

Can you snuggle me for a while?  {coming from the little by who used to hate to be hugged!}

I'd love to.

.....because too soon you'll be that big 18 year old boy who moves out and builds his own home.


Canadian Chica said...

very sweet! I guess I ought to move to the prairies...$116 for a house! Jk, but very sweet coming from a child.

Kim said...

Love it! What a sweetie.

Paige said...

Oh, there's something about our little boys! Mine you to say he wanted to marry me, when I told him I was already married, he got very upset... they are just so sweet the way they think at this age!

Marcy P said...

I love those conversations...very sweet!