First sailing day of the summer

 Last summer we spent so many days on our little sail boat but this summer has been shorter, stormier, and wetter.  The vessel's captain also had a broken ankle for much of this summer.   

Today was the first time this summer we've had the boat out.  This is also the last weekend that my sister in law and nephew will be with us...they head back to Seattle on Monday.  I'm glad we could fit in a sail day before they leave.  

We drove for a couple hours down to the big river, then ate our lunch and waited for a bit while  Daddy rigged the boat, and hoisted the mast.   

I sure do love this pack of kids!

I can't help but try to picture another little face joining us on our boat next summer.

The big kids are becoming quite a knowledgeable little crew.

Silas didn't quite "get" sailing...."I wish we had a tv in here".  

Captain kissing

It was such a beautiful day...

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Kim said...

Silas! I'm sure at least one of the Bitner boys would have the same sentiment about the TV.

Looks like a ton of fun!!