My Last Day with 2 Kids

This week I have only had two children at home.  My "Bigs" are away at camp for the week, so it's just me and the "Littles" hanging out.   My Hubster is also away from home until late at night so it's just been the three of us.   What a change that is! 

It's been an easy week...less laundry, less dishes, no real meals made (unless popcorn counts), less noise, less bodies banging around the house.   

I miss my oldest kids though...I'm so not used to them being somewhere else, with no contact for a week! 

Here is a sampling of our last day with just the three of us:

The above photo was taken when we were taking a walk down to pick up the mail.   Little Miss Cece decided she was going to throw a fit (I have no idea why).  She decided to just sit in the middle of the road.  So I did what any good mom does...I took a picture, and watched her with amusement as she contemplated the threat of being left behind sitting in the road.  Fortunately she is more dramatic than she is strong willed.  

We made another batch of buns so we have plenty in the freezer for Daddy's sandwiches that he takes to the field during harvest.

Silas showing off his triple layer start shaped loaf.

My little helpers.   Celina said she was making pizza for "gampa"

Cece running to comfort Silas after he did a nose dive into the coffee table.  She has such a tender heart, and so much natural empathy.  She loves to look after (mother) all her older siblings.  It's pretty cute. 

We did some climbing..
and digging...

 Then we took the carrots that we dug up and combined them with some mangoes and peaches.

We shoved them all into our juicer made some yummy juice.  Silas named today's concoction "Super Sunshine"

The finished juice (which more resembled a smoothie) on the left, and the pulp on the right which will be made into carrot/ fruit muffins.  

mmmm....it tasted like it should have a little umbrella on the top.

It's been so nice to have some special time with just my Littles...who get a little less little every day. 


Marcy P said...

Sounds like a really terrific week! they are two very cute little "helpers!"

Sherri Davidson said...

Sounds like an awesome week!! I must look more into a juicer that looked amazing!! It's been a very quiet week here as well as hubby is working and I'm kid less totally for the week. I go pick up my youngest today. I'm so excited. I've been lonely without her.