It's that time of year again, 
and this is my ride.  

My boys heading out.

Roman goes along for the ride, watching and learning.

The view from the cabin I will spend many hours in this season.   Not a very impressive view in this field, the hail got to the peas before we did.   This week I think I'll be cutting down wheat so it should be a little prettier. 
 I enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude of a tractor cab and an ipod playing all my favorite preachers.  Last week I listened to the whole Gospel Coalition  2012 Woman's conference.  I also loaded up with Matt Chandler, Mark Driscoll, Murray Mclellan, Russell Moore, Tullian, Craig Groeschel,  and David Platt.  I don't get a lot of laundry, garden and house work done while I drive back and forth with a Combine but it's a nice change from normal life.  Lots of time to think, imagine, pray, and learn.

I also enjoy watching nature as I spend a day in the field.  There are always rabbits, foxes, and coyotes scampering away, as well as Hawks that circle about the tractor waiting for little mice to scurry out of their hiding places.  The other day I watched a doe with her two fawns wander across the field, and a hawk swoop down after a rabbit that jumped out of a swath....I'm happy to report the little bunny got away.

This week was a busy one but it was also super exciting!

This Ch*nese character Qiu (pronounced something like Cho) means Autumn/ fall/ harvest.
It also has another very special significance to us   It happens to be the name of the child we were matched with last week!     He was given this name most likely because he was found by the side of a road five years ago this month, in Autumn.   He was abandoned in Autumn and he was found by his forever family in Autumn.   God writes great stories!  Stay tune for more on this one.

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Sherri Davidson said...

I pray you have a beautiful fall for harvesting. Not to wet and not to hot. :)
All my years on a farm and I never have drove a combine. Must say I'm a little jealous.
Question how do you school around harvest?