I Always Wanted a Pet Monkey

When I was a kid I thought it would be really cool to have a monkey for a pet.  Of course this was based more on Disney movies and cute little Chimps dressed up as people than it was any actual real experience with monkeys.  

I never got my pet monkey, 
but I did get a monkey for a son. 

Which actually comes in handy when you need to get something out of a tree, or in this case when my clothes line came off it's wheel.
I made the mistake of grumbling about my out of service clothes line in front of my monkey son.
A few minutes later I looked out the window to see my child doing his mother a favor.   

He couldn't get the wire unwedged  and back on the track...while maintining his precarious position.  I told him to please come down and not to worry about it. 

Even without a functioning clothes line it is pretty cool to have a monkey for a son. 


Marcy P said...

I wonder how I could get a monkey child for myself? Oh wait, I have a monkey child. He just hasn't put it to good use to help his mother yet...LOL Great pics. That would have made my heart stop.

Sherri Davidson said...

Hey I had a monkey child too!! LOL Only he preferred to use his abilities to climb up on top of the house and do summer saults into the snowbanks in the winter. Yep I have pics to prove it. LOL
Although it did come in useful for hanging Christmas lights. :)
I hope things are going well with harvest. Are you almost done?