Leeland, Nail polish and Birthday Cake

11 years ago I gave became a mom to my first daughter.   Somewhere between cutting baby teeth and getting braces she's morphed from a pig tailed little elf into a full fledged adolescent.   

As an early birthday celebration we took our two oldest kids, and Aili's friend to a Leeland concert and her friend was able to stay the weekend.  

The girls admiring their new concert shirts.
...and making friendship bracelets with plastic string.

wow, I remember doing exactly that at her age.
Having a daughter this age gives me so many flash backs to my own past life as an 11 year old girl.  It's trippy. 

Her new Auntie from Haiti gave her some braids.  Excellent.  This girl hates having her hair brushed so getting it done once for a week or two is perfect.

On the actual day of her birthday we did just a small family party.  We all ate cake and icecream.  

She has enough nail polish and lip gloss to last for years. 
Which is a good thing because little sister is a hard core girly girl princess who loves having her nails painted.

So thankful for this girl who is growing into a young woman.  She is still a quirky bundle of creative, scattered, energy full of big dreams and big ideas.  


Marcy P said...

She is beautiful!! I love her braids. Wish I'd thought of that before cutting my girl's hair. I just couldn't brush her hair out every morning for another year. You will get through this thing called puberty. :-)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Aili!! Wow does she look like you, beautiful!!