First Day of Kindergarten

Although it appears he is standing in front of a firing squad, he is actually just stopping for a "mom needs a picture of you on your first day of school" photo.

His nerves were in high gear this morning.   He dressed in his trusty, comfortable familiar clothes (no new first day of school duds for this boy...no way, that's just too much craziness).   Put on his favorite jacket and pulled the hood up for extra protection.  He asked and asked again if I had all his new school supplies packed in his back pack....and his new Star Wars lunch box.  

This boy has been looking forward to this day for many months.

"Can you smile Silas??"
....oh, ok.  That's alright...don't bother smiling.
We'll have to work on that before school picture day!

Can't you just see all the scenarios and possibilities running through his little brain?

Will he do it folks?

Yes!  He did.

He marched right onto that bus and didn't look back.

I spent the day hoping I wouldn't get a phone call that he was looking like a red blow fish (he has anaphylactic allergies) or that he was doing some sort of stripper dance on top off a desk (don't ask)....
happy to report that my child didn't act like a freak, at least not enough of one to require a phone call.  

His only complaint about the day was that I need to pack him a bigger lunch next time.   When I teasingly asked him if he missed me,  he said

"Not at all.  I actually forgot all about you"
Just what I had hoped.....sort of.   I'll take it.  


Jenn said...

Awww <3 Precious yet bittersweet!

Jobina said...

Trinity had nightmares last night until I caught on and assured her that I labelled all her school supplies and packed her bag before I went to bed. Poor girl takes after her Mama :(
That first day of school is so crazy until they get there and realize it's kind of like everywhere else. Glad to hear he adapted ok!

We Are Family said...


Sherri Davidson said...

Awe!! That is such an awesome memory you captured. I love the serious looks on his face. :)