It's that time of year again

The combines are all ready to go.  The fields are ripening more each day.
I'm trying to psych myself up for busy season, which isn't working so well since it kind of feels like all of life is busy season.  It's all perspective though, in a couple weeks I'll think this was pretty slack.

I'm not sure how many hours, if any, I'll log into farm operations this year.   I wouldn't mind trading a day with the howler monkeys for a day sitting in the utter quiet, boring ,solitude of a combine cab.  

Either way...
single parenting season is upon us. 
Just lone Ranger me and the Kidlets. 
Good times....good times. 

Peas waiting for harvest

My best little raspberry picker, and notorious berry thief.  

 Crab apple jelly, and strawberry/ rhubarb jam.

I'm so thankful for my biggest girl and the great helper she is.  
Here she is enthusiastically, begrudgingly snapping beans.
...well, where she may lack in consistent eagerness she makes up for with quality of work accomplished.  

It's that time of year again.
The garden is in full production.
The days are getting slightly shorter.
We are starting to wrap our minds around another year of home schooling three kids, and buying supplies for one child in regular old public schooling.  We're an eclectic, odd mix as far as education goes right now.  Which is ok, because my kids are a pretty eclectic and odd too. 

Harvest season is upon us.
There is something about harvest that I love.  All the momentum, the focus, and the nostalgia of decades filled with the same sights, and smells.  There is also something that I dread about this harvest season....
the signal that summer is pretty much done. 

...and I will not speak of the season that comes next. 

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