Our week at Family Camp


For  the fifth summer in a row we spent a week enjoying "Family Camp" at a local Bible camp.  This was the fourth summer that we've had my sister in law Brook and her son with us. 

A few of my family members were also camping nearby for the week.  
Grandpa even brought a quad to shuttle kids around on.  

A highlight for my kids is the "tuck shop" where they spend their hard earned money on all kinds of sweet treats.

Elijahs favourite was the popcorn.  Cece preferred icecream. 

It's been an unusually cool wet summer this year, but it warmed up enough for a few afternoons at the beach.

The Hubby got some quality sailing time in.  This is our new little boat.  We sold our big Tanzer 22 last fall to fund our Mexico trip, but then came across this little gem being sold online for $400.  It took a little TLC but is worth so much more than what we paid for it.  Sail boats seem to be our most effective savings accounts.  Buy them cheap, fix them up, have some fun and then make a buck. 

Just big enough for Dad and a kid.  Roman is the biggest sailing fan, 

and adrenaline junkie.

Silas prefers to play.

Headed to the beach with all the essentials. 

There were a lot of activities to keep the kids happily entertained.  One afternoon we had a bicycle parade.

The kids all decorated their bikes and themselves. 

Elijah wasn't so sure.  He was pretty convinced we were all going crazy.

Another activity was the tug-o-war.
We were on "team yellow"

It's a good thing they had Elijah on their team, I don't know that they would have won without all that enthusiasm.

Lots of camping food.

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