We miss them already

It's been a couple weeks since our summer house guests left. 
I miss them already, 
and our visit seemed short this year.
I guess three weeks is a long time to have two extra people around...
but it's usually the only time in the year we get to see them. 

My husband and his sister, one year apart in age.  Separated as kids...reunited about 25 years later, now good friends who talk on the phone all the time and text even more.  
We are glad Brook and her son have been able to make the trek up here from the Washington state for the past four summers.

 Brook knows better than anyone, after all the time she's spent living with us, that we are an imperfect family.  We are washed in grace and she loves us well, despite our rough edges. 

Our nephew may be 12 now but he's not too big for a snuggle with his Mama.
My sister in law is such a great Mom.  She is the rock star of single moms toughing it out, working hard, advocating for her son (who is marvellously quirky), and always doing what's best for him. 

He was so sweet to his newest little cousin.

Of course Cece sill adores him.  Actually that might be an understatement. 

The feeling may be mutual.

I love this kid.  I'm thankful that he's a part of our life, and that we get to see him grow up. 
We all miss them already...
and look forward to another summer visit next year.

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