Just Cece

My beautiful Miss Cece, growing up too fast.
Seriously, she was the baby...and now she's a full fledged little girl. 

This little one has kind of gotten lost in the mix lately.
She's still the youngest but was bumped from the "newest"...
and in many ways even "youngest" position.  
That might be easier to handle if you lose your "baby of the family" position to an actual baby.  
When you're bumped by a brother who is bigger than you, who plays with your toys, takes a lot of mom's time, and doesn't always fight fair...
it can be a lot for a little girl to handle.  Not that she and Elijah don't make great play mates most of the time, and I know she adores him....but my princess has had to re orient herself a bit, and get accustomed to having some competition. 

This year my super compliant, easy toddler has morphed into a naughty mischievous, high maintenance three year old.   I don't know if was the change in dynamics or just a natural phase she's going through....like hitting the terrible twos a year late, but this little one keeps me on my toes these days.  

She is a spunky little sweet heart.  Even under the frequent grumpy attitude is a girl who loves to "mother" her brothers, to snuggle, and to show affection.  She has a soft and tender heart.

And really gorgeous eyes.

My biggest daily challenge with her health right now is her chronic eczema.  It's just always, always there...all over.  I lotion her from head to toe about three times a day (even her ear lobes and eye lids) and apply heavy duty medicine twice a day.  Her itchy, scratchy sores are made more complicated by other chronic health issues.  Constant vigilance can leave my nerves a little bit ragged sometimes.  Even in the heat of summer she is usually wearing leggings with socks, and often a long sleeved shirt as well.  

Words like "high viral load" and "elevated liver enzymes" weigh heavy on my heart some days, because there is nothing I can do about it.  It seems there's nothing anyone can do about.  Increasing fatigue, moodiness, excessive skin problems....all signs of an insidious virus making her body and liver work so much harder than it should.  That and so many other "unknowns" stacked against her, can leave me struggling to lay down my fears.  Despite it all I know she is here, and alive, and in our family for a purpose....even affliction has purpose, even though I may never fully comprehend why. 

I know that it is doing a work in my own heart though.
Trust, fear, control, letting go, frustration, patience, selfishness, grace.

Despite it all, she has a smile like no other, and a giggle that bubbles and overflows like a bottle of champagne being opened. 
She is my Lovey.  

I am so thankful for this little Princess, and the privilege of being her mommy.  
She most certainly still has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She is a precious little treasure, and I sometimes still can't believe that she's forever ours. 

Soli Deo Gloria,


Sherri Davidson said...

Both my daughter and I have liver issues. We have something called Gilbert's. For us there is no medication just learning how to deal. For example lots of sleep, regular and lots of meals and gobs of water. I also have roscea. I found that for me reflexology works amazing!!! Seriously amazing!! Oh and I also went gluten free. I am not trying to give ou advice just ideas. :).

Carla said...

Thankyou for the tips Sherri! I've been trying to keep her drinking lots lemon water, and keep her napping and sleeping enough (although she is still too much of an early bird), and keeping her diet as healthy as possible (with as much fresh stuff as a picky three year old will tolerate)I don't know if any of it makes a difference but my gut says keeping her immune system as strong as possible can only help in the long run. There just isn't that much info. out there for kids with HCV.