A Sand Dollar Saturday

We have been working hard here in Baja but we are having some play time too.  Before another weekend begins I wanted to post pics from last Saturday. 

The beaches and water in this part of North Baja aren't very warm this time of year, but we like to go occasionally anyhow.  Although we live only a couple miles from the ocean our favorite beach is about a forty minute drive south.  Just past San Quintin is a little beach called (at least by us) "Sand Dollar Beach".

We've been here often enough that we get used to the sights.  I almost forget that seeing stores set up along the road side is a bit odd where we come from.  You can find anything along the side of the road.  This one even sells the kitchen sink.

                                        Oh look Chinese food!  I'm a bit skeptical.

Late morning is typically the warmest part of the day so we tried to get their before noon (it takes a bit of effort to get this many Mexicans, and Canadian Mexicans on the road on a Saturday morning).  We don't do rush here.

                                                The fog was so thick that morning.

Part of what the kids love about this beach is the sand dunes. 

                Who needs snow and a sled when you can have sand dunes and a boogie board?

These two kids belong to our friends Amber and Saul Machado.  Part of what we love about our trips down is hanging out with this family.  It's always nice to spend time visiting with another adoptive Mama too.

                          Moy is such a sweet big brother and Cece adores him.


This was Elijah's first time swimming at the ocean.  He LOVES to sit and play in sand, we discovered that this summer but SK. lakes are a bit different than the Pacific Ocean.

This beach is covered in Sand Dollars.  It was like a little treasure hunt for Cece as she filled up her bucket with them.

                                                   The water was COLD!

The first time he went out to the water he shrieked with anticipation, slight fear and glee each time a wave would come.  He enjoyed the water loudly.

Roman likes to dig.   Last weekend he dug at the beach.  This week he dug holes for outhouses.  Lucky guy.

Aili, Roman, and Moy spent a silly amount of time out in the cold water.  I was happy to hang out on dry land with my sweater on.

                    Finally the fog started to roll away....just before it was time to leave.

Poor guy wanted to walk down to the water but he was too cold, after only a few very slow stiff steps he decided to come back to the warm blanket.  When his muscles get cold he freezes up like a rusty Tin Man. 

Another thing we like about this beach is the gold flecked sand.  Seriously, it looks like someone dumped gold colored glitter all over the beach.  It's hard to catch on camera but it's really sparkly when the sun hits the "glitter" flecks.

This coming weekend we are taking a little family trip down to Baja Sur (south Baja).  We've never been further south than Bahia de los Angeles...and this time we're planning on making it several hours further than that to Loreto.  The water on the other side of the Baja Peninsula is so amazing and the weather is much warmer...especially further south.  We're just sort of winging it as far as even knowing where we'll be staying (we are leaving the trailer here), so it should be quite an adventure.


Sherri Davidson said...

Love the looks on Silas's face as he jumps. Such joy on all their faces. Looks like fun.

Marie said...

That looks way too cold for me! Your kids are brave to get wet! Glad you guys are having a good time.