II wasn't quite are where to start with sharing our time in Baja so I figured I'd keep it simple and just post some pics from today.  I am also typing this on a phone so this post will be much less wordy than usual.
We have been working at a ministry that runs a daycare.  This ministry has been around for a while but is fairly new to us.Our good friends Amber and Saul are the new assistant directors there and we have really enjoyed being plugged in somewhere again after having floated around on our own the past few trips.   Daycare is important down here because there are  many single mothers, who out of desperation leave young children home alone while they work long hours in the fields, or with older siblings (even as young as 6) who could be in school but are kept home to serve as childcare. Another desperate option has been to drop them off at children's homes to be raised in orphanages.  A daycare in this area helps keep families together, and keeps children safe, nurtured and nourished. 

We love eating our lunches with the kids and serving in whatever way we can here.

This is a friend of mine that I met down here 8 yrs ago and is returning with her famy to Canada on Monday.  We will miss them! 

Amber, Nicole, Aili and I went to visit some families in Community called Las Aves this afternoon. We took the cookies that were left over from the daycare lunch. 

Decorating them is part of the fun.  

I remember these little faces from last year's

We take so much for granted back home.  

It would be rude not to accept a spontaneous dinner invitation.  This is the house of a woman named AltaGracia. She is the mama of the new baby and four others.  The soup and tortillas were delicioso!  

Happy dia de Amor!  

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