Sleeping in a Yurt in San Ignacio - part 1

  We had considered taking advantage of how far south we had already come and heading down to La Paz but after talking to someone who had just come from there, the scales of decision were tipped toward heading back North.  Apparently the highway is all torn up and filled with road construction and repair, adding many hours to the trip.  On top of that this weekend is Carnival in La Paz and it's already jam packed full.  Low on money, and low on ambition to drive for another full day (only to find "no vacancy") we turned the van around and began to make our way back up to North Baja.

We had looked at the bed and breakfast made of "yurts" in San Ignacio on our way down but it was full.  Yesterday afternoon we called and the people who had reserved the family sized yurt had cancelled.  We didn't realize that this is whale season and the San Ignacio lagoon (a short drive away) is full of whales and their calves.  There are also a lot of Gringos migrating here to come and see them. We're not used to seeing so many tourists, or competing for vacancy.  It is good for the local economy though.  It would be really cool to see, but the excursions out to see the whales are pretty expensive when multiplied by seven people.  It wasn't on the itinerary so we'll just be content with all the marine life we've seen already. 

Other than the five hour trip to the beach we really felt like we hadn't been able to play and relax much on this trip south.  Lots of driving.  Lots of searching through duffel bags.  Lots of washing peed on clothes in sinks and sleeping in motels but not much "ahhhhhh".  More than enough AAHHHHKK!

This is the place we found it.  Serenity.

The town of San Ignacio is a mission that was founded a few hundred years ago in a little oasis.  There are springs up stream that feed a lazy river.  The Jesuits brought date palms with them and the area is filled now with palm trees.  This bed and breakfast has a bit of a camping feel...only just the good parts of camping.  Right now I'm sitting next to a camp fire using the WiFi.  The town isn't much to see other than the old cathedral, but this little bed and breakfast is worth coming to. 

Only a 10 second stroll from our yurt  is a little paved patio river front that contains kayaks, fishing rods, and a paddle board that we are welcome to use.  The first day we arrived later in the afternoon on a drizzly cloudy day.  It wasn't swimming weather but it we were able to spend a couple hours enjoying the water.

                                           The kids playing with some minnows.

We were all able to relax, enjoy each other and enjoy our location.  Being here kind of reminds me of camping up in Northern Saskatchewan as a child...minus the mosquitos and with warmer water and palm trees instead of pine trees.

                                       Elijah loves anything to do with the water.

                                          My first time paddle boarding.

Our Yurt
It's like glamorous camping.

Not exactly roughing it.  This bed and breakfast is run by a Canadian couple.

The yurt has a familiar woody, comforting, cabin smell.  I'm not sure if it's the pine or what but the subtle aroma takes me back to some elusive childhood memories.

                                          It feels huge compared to the trailer.

We thought this was our only river time since we were going to leave in the morning.  The yurt was booked for the next night, but the reservation was cancelled and we decided to stay another night. 

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