Seals, boobies, and a little piece of paradise.

I guess we could call today our homeschool field trip...one which puts all traditional public school field trips to shame.
If I make it sound educational I can justify leaving the school books behind for a couple weeks. 

Life school is way more exciting anyway.

The day began at 8:30 am with a little boat, and a nice man who agreed to take us out to an island that we had heard about. 

Along the way we floated by some volcanic rock islands that were covered with many different creatures.

The water was so clear the kids were able to watch for fish.  Roman claimed he saw a ray.

Check out the bird with the blue feet!  Our skipper told us that this is a rare bird that is only found here and in the Galapagos.  He said it was called a boobie.  I wanted to find out more about this bird, and was about to google it, when I realized what word I was about to google and decided I'd just take his word on it. 

 Just around the corner we came across a whole lot of seals.

 Loud barking seals that my children enjoyed chatting with in their language.

  More of the mysterious blue footed "boobie"

Off in the distance the skipper noticed a dark line near the horizon and went speeding out toward it.  As we got we could see that this dark line was actually thousands of dolphins.


Our destination.

 As long as Elijah has a pail and shovel he's a happy guy.

The big kids and the Hubster did some snorkeling off the beach.  They said it was like swimming in an aquarium.

Big sister Aili trying to teach Elijah what goggles are for.

"Mommy! Look, I so strong!"

Our skipper had to leave by 1pm so we packed up and returned to Loreto.  By then we'd already
 been on the beach about four hours.  Although I'm sure we could have enjoyed that beach until sunset it felt like a full day of fun by noon. 
Cece was so tired she promptly fell asleep in the boat.  She's been a bit of a hot mess these past few days.  I suspect a month of playing hard, full busy days, poor sleep (she is a very restless sleeper at night), late nights, early mornings and no naps have something to do with it.  She was proof the a cataclysmic tantrum can happen even in the most serene places...over something has petty as a pair of goggles or Daddy going snorkeling without her.  
When we got back to the hotel the kids all had a soak in the hot tub..since every one was already in swim suits anyway.
As the kids were getting showered and dressed for supper Nathanael left for a bit to check out the laundry facility and I was stretching Elijah and putting on his leg braces.  While I was distracted Cece snuck out of the sliding glass door of the other room (we have two joining rooms) and ran off to find Daddy.  She had tried it one other time but had been caught before she got to far.  I walked into the other room, looked around and asked "where's Cece?".  None of the other kids knew or remembered seeing her leave.  The door was even shut behind her.  She's a sneaky one.
The frenzied search around the pool ( which is about eight feet from our door), parking lot, and hotel floors took about 10 minutes before she was found in the hotel office...where she had wandered and was chatting with some of the Spanish staff..in English.  They said they thought she was Mexican but were confused because her Spanish was so bad.  Not a lick of fear in that girl.
We then went out for some tacos and stopped at a playground on the way home....where Cece peed on the slide...and the other kids all went down it. 
I guess I'll be checking out the laundry mat tomorrow.

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johnkaren5 said...

Amazing adventure!! Are you sure you can adjust to life is SK after this???