Fun Factory

What do you do when its March and the temperature is -30 plus a windchill? Lock your kids up....or drive to the city and let the kids play themselves silly for 5 hours at the "fun factory". We were going to pick up my parents from the airport yesterday evening and since Aili didn't have school (too cold) we decided to make a day of it. We were joined by two of my cousins, my aunt and my cousins children for an afternoon of visiting while the kids played. It was so nice to catch up with family that I don't see nearly often enough.

This little guy played hard all afternoon without a nap! He did great with no exhaustion meltdowns. I'm paying for yesterdays late night and no nap today though. He's still surprisingly easy for a 2 year old. Due to the fact that my first two toddlers were so extremely super charged with emotion and will I am constantly surprised at how cooperative he is. He's naturally happy and easy going. He's still a two year old though and by definition that makes him annoyingly independent, frustratingly messy and somewhat inconvenient. But oh so adorable! We are finally gaining ground potty training. We gave up shortly after my post "academy of the potty" and decided to wait a couple months and try again after our Mexico trip. So he's been in big boy underwear for a week now and is doing so much better than I expected at this point. Its got a long ways to go before he's dependable but he's even started telling me when he needs to use the potty...before its running down his leg, which is a big step forward. I fully realize that regression could still happen at any point. Two steps forward one step back.
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