more winter pictures.

I hate dial-up..even possibly more than I hate being cold. Anyway my picture limit is four at a time and this time it appears to have kicked the picture off my last post. I decided to put it back on and add a couple more of our sledding outing. Today is -30 degrees celcius. sigh. Spring is no where in sight yet but here we don't typically get spring until April. Then we usually have a few weeks of living in mud and slush at that point. The kids will love being outside in the warmer tempuratures and who wouldn't be thrilled playing with muddy streams of water running through our yard. I'm willing to put up with multiple loads of muddy laundry to have them outside all day. Right now a yard full of mud and slushy puddles sounds better than -30. Okay, enough whining about the weather.
On a more positive note it is beautiful isn't it?

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