Welcome Home!

This post is a continuation of the last post and our afternoon spent at the fun factory. After the kids had played themselves to exhaustion...well at least two of them anyway...I'm thinking of getting Roman a human size hamster run.
We went to the airport to welcome home my parents who have been working in Haiti for 6 months. As you can see our weather welcomed them too! You can almost see the mercury way down at the bottom. What a change from Haiti. I wasn't sure how Silas would react to seeing his Grandma and Grandpa again. The big kids were super excited and have missed them a lot , but Silas was only 1 and a half when they left for Haiti. Previously he had been a full fledged "Papa's Boy" and Grandma was like a second mom. I knew he would likely be a little shy and reserved around them after so long. He was a little shy for a couple minutes and then jumped right back into being papas boy. He clung to his papa like a little piece of velcro. Poor Grandma hasn't got her snuggle yet. We had only a very short visit at the airport and then we piled our kids into the car ( a few hours past their bedtimes) and went home. Grandma and Grandpa are staying in the city for another day to take care of some business there. I'm sure when they arrive at their house we will be over for a good long catch up visit...and then you'll she'll get more than her fill of Silas :)

Someone is happy to have his papa home!!

The end of a long and tiring day for all three kids. They all slept on the way home.
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Jobina said...

That's so sweet and probably meant a lot to your Dad! I love that fun house place that you took the kids to too! What a great place to let them get rid of some energy!