Trying to make the best of it.

I'm not at all pleased with winter at this point in the year. Especially now that I have had a short taste of summer and have returned to the artic. The weather was hovering around the freezing mark for several days giving me hope and visions of spring. But we are now plunged once again into bitterly cold winds and snow storms. Saturday was a pretty decent weather so our family and some friends decided to seize the day and attempt to enjoy winter while its here. I'm the first to admit I'm a total baby about the cold. I prefer to hibernate during our 6 or 7 months of winter. I'm beginning to get cabin fever though...and outgrow my jeans so I'm hoping spring comes soon.

A rare family photo. Not to bad eh?
Ok I totally realize my American friends and family will mock my use of "eh" in a sentence. Consider it a vocabulary lesson.
Its like a non commital question mark at the end of a sentence. Like making a statement without actually having to be bold enough to state it. It can be used in a variety of ways. I will now provide another sample sentence purely for your amusement and education. "A cup of Tim Hortins coffee sounds good right about now, eh?" You can feel comfortable using this sentence in most any situation you find yourself in while visiting our great country. Its a pretty good ice-breaker and the Canadians will be impressed at your attempt to speak their language even if they privately chuckle at your wierd American accent.

(There is actually a hill but you just can't see it in the picture..really there is)

I realized two things waking back up the hill pulling a sled and carrying a two year old.
1. I'm really out of shape.
2. I feel really old...or at least my knees do.
Nothing like playing in the snow like a kid to make you realize you're not a kid anymore.
We did have a fun afternoon though. We wandered off to a steeper hill but Silas and I got stuck in hip deep snow and gave up part way there. We were both so tired and cold by that time. The best option seemed to be just to hunker down in the pit we made trying to wade through and wait for Daddy to come rescue us with a snow mobile. I put Silas on the back of that thing (his first ride) kicking and screaming in terror and climbed on. Once we were safely delivered back at the house he said "Fun! Thankyou Daddy!" . That big scary loud machine wasn't so bad after all. It certainly beat breaking through the crust of snow and sinking up to my waist with every step for a half mile hike.
We warmed up with a pot of chili and a few more hours of visiting with friends. I got my baby fix too holding their 7 week old baby.
Not at bad Saturday, eh?
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A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time, despite being plunged back into the cold...I totally relate...here in Lethbridge, we had a +15 day early last week and now we have had several -20 days...UGH!

Rebecca M said...

Cute snow pictures, Carla! I hope there is some warmer weather in your near future!!