Day at the beach

Roman was in his glory exploring and digging for treasures and dinosaur bones. This is one of his finds. Any bone experts out there? It looks pretty old and it is obviously a vertebrae but I can't figure out what part of the anatomy the the long part is. Its not round but long and flat. I know there are a lot of bison bones that get found at the lake but I would like to figure out what this bone is from . Roman spent a couple days playing with it, burying it in sand and showing it to everyone he came across. Not exactly archaeologist protocol.

This lake is super shallow for a long long way out. Perfect for kids , its like a giant kiddie pool!

They boys cruising with the wheely thing. What a great toy.
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Rebecca M said...

You can tell Roman that I think it's a leg. Something's leg. I don't think it's a vertebrae but then I'm just looking at your pic to identify it. :)