Sunday Fun day and braggin about my girl

"I dirty Mama!"

Aili has been such a big girl lately and by "big girl" I mean she is turning into a really enjoyable and helpful young lady. She will be 8 next month. Its hard to believe that in a few short years she will be entering adolescence. That seems totally inconceivable to me. A few years ago (or so it seems) she was my bright eyed baby girl.

I am really getting a taste lately of the friendship I know we will have as she grows up. Its been nice having her around home more now that school is over. We've had a lot more one on one time together lately because of her once a month orthodontist appointments in town....we ditch the boys and try to make a date of it. Its been fun.

Now for the bragging. We got report cards this week and as usual reading it makes me so proud of her.
She is doing really well in all her subjects and has even improved in them since the beginning of the year. More than the subject grades I love the marks she gets on character and social development. Some of the comments on her report card were.
"Aili is a very respectful student. She shows accountability for her actions as well as self-control. Keep up the great attitude Aili."
"She is able to work with her peers and shows respect toward her teacher and the rules of the class."
"She listens and participates well"
She had a new teacher this year and was a little worried about loosing the teacher she had since kindergarten. In this little two room rural school kids keep the same teacher for quite a few years or until the teacher moves on.
Her new teacher was excellent. He loves the kids but isn't a softy and expects a lot of them. Aili loves a challenge.
Her consideration for other students, her respect for authority and her diligence in her school work are always themes in report cards and in interviews.
She is such a natural little leader and enjoys organizing events and getting people involved.
She loves to teach younger children and set up activities for them.
She is surprisingly comfortable with public speaking.
She is a quirky, imaginative, non-conforming, generous, compassionate, loyal, assertive, outgoing and independent little girl.
She is totally comfortable surrounded by creative mess and chaos....which at times causes conflict between her and I , particularly in regards to her bedroom. :) She always has several projects going simultaneously.
I makes me smile to think of all the things God might do with this little girl in her lifetime.
She makes me feel so proud and blessed to be her mom.

We spent the afternoon yesterday with some good friends at their back yard lake. They farm most of the land around the little lake so it literally is in their back yard. Great company, good location, beautiful scenery, no crowds and the price is perfect. :)
We went only anticipating a campfire since it wasn't very hot but when the big inflatable slide made its debut into the water they all went. Once the clothes were wet and uncomfortable they mostly ended up in their underwear. Like I said we were really secluded..and well, I won't deny it, we are hicks. As you can see Silas' shorts didn't stay up very well so eventually they came off to in favor of his birthday suit. Unfortunately I hadn't taken his ear plugs (he has ear tubes) and he is paying for it with an ear ache today. oops.
It was such a nice relaxing afternoon. I think we need to head over there more often...next time we'll bring our swimsuits. :)
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Rebecca M said...

Fun thoughts about your girl, Carla! Good work in school, Aili!

I love that you are making your trips into town for her orthodontist appts into little dates for the two of you. Seems like every one of my kids could use more one on one time with Bob or I.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Aili! I can't believe how fast our girls are growing. It just doesn't seem right that they are already 8.

Ondrea Harrison said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I have had so much fun getting to know all the folks that stopped over to visit from Lynette's blog.

I have another blogging friend who is Canadian too. I'm really liking all you "yankies" :)