Family reunion weekend

Aili, her great Aunt and some second cousins watching minows or some other fascinating thing in the water.
We travelled over 4 hours north of our house for this camping weekend. It is beautiful up there.
We live surrounded by prairie farmland but only a few hours north of us is all forests, lakes and rock. Gorgeous.

Silas watching a family ball game with Grandma, Grandpa and his great uncle.

The snack shop at the camp opened briefly on Sunday and Silas was thrilled to have his first icecream on a stick. They actually had chapmans peanut free icecream treats! He was a little confused by the chocolate coating but he made quick work of it :)

Cousins enjoying a brief couple hours of sunshine at the lake. It rained and was cool most of the weekend but the sun did make an appearance. I remembered Silas' ear plugs and head band this time.
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