After our day in the City we kept driving to a lake where Nathanael would be sailing in a regatta the next morning. We woke up to some cool blustery weather but the sailors didn't mind all the wind. It was too cold to swim so fortunately someone had brought a trampoline to set up for the kids. It was a nice little community of people who come up to this lake to sail almost every weekend (not always for races). The kids had a blast exploring along the beach and playing in the sand despite the weather.

Daddy and the kids getting the boat ready. His is the yellow one. Aili was going to be his crew but because of the wind kids couldn't go out. The next day he took her with him and they won second place in one of the events. She loves it. I'm totally shocked that she does but she likes to figure things out and there is a lot to learn with Sailing a Hobie cat. We might get her on the sailing team next summer. They start at age eight.

The boats out on some rough water. Boy did they fly!

The next morning was gorgeous with only a light breeze. Not great for the thrill seekers but perfect for taking the kids out.
At the bottom of the picture you can almost see Roman and Silas pushing around a big wheely thing (I'm sure my sailing husband will be appalled that I called it a wheely thing and have no idea what its actually called....how about keep- my- boys -entertained- for- hours thing)

Our baby "Cub" had a cold last week and was still feeling a little congested over the weekend. He did great and slept ok despite my fears otherwise. It was a bit of a juggling act to keep all the kids occupied while Daddy was sailing but fortunately the baby doesn't go far and was mostly content to sleep in his baby seat under a bug net.
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Rebecca M said...

All this looks like so much fun! I'm impressed that Aili is part of Burley's crew. Awesome!
Oh and when Iwas on a crew team in high school, we called a similar "wheely thing" a "Fido" (f-eye-d-oh). Not sure why...