Celebrating 100 years of Hickville!

What better way to celebrate than a parade? If you have never been to a small town parade then this will give you a glimpse of what you're missing. If you have been to a small town parade...this is even smaller. We live in a teeny tiny village with dirt streets and a population of about 100.
The population increased exponentially this weekend as a large centennial celebration/homecoming weekend was planned in conjunction with our annual "sports day".
Hoards of Hickville ex-patriots came to reminisce, reconnect, and honor 100 years of this little farming community. On the Canadian prairie our little village now is a rare one. Most communities like this have become ghost towns and have virtually disappeared over the past few decades. For some reason the population here has stayed steady. Our village and the surrounding farms are made up of many young families. The community is active, thriving and everybody knows everybody. That in itself is a great benefit of small town life....it is also a down side of small town life :)

Whats a parade without a John Deere high clearance sprayer?

The RCMP from the next town came for an appearance. Always impressive to watch them march in their uniforms....even if there are only 2 of them.
Aili (in the green bonnet) rode on the Happy 100th Birthday pioneer float.

Proof that anyone can be in a parade....even skunk people.

My husband helping Silas...I mean Spider boy...through the gravel streets.
Judging by the fuel tanker driving behind him in the parade, probably a good thing.

Local Mennonite Church VBS.
A summer tradition here in Hickville.

A local passion....Roughriders.
Farming equipment...old school.

The bike gang. Roman and Silas and a bunch of their friends road their creatively decorated bikes down the parade route. Roman is a knight on a horse.

After the parade we made our way to the village "Sports Grounds". This is the train that entertained the kids after the parade. It is an annual favorite of both the kids and parents! Otherwise known as the free babysitting service. Plop your kid in this baby and they will be happily entertained for most of the day. As you can see our tiny village is very fertile in more ways than just agriculture.

Back at the parade.....

Silas making sure that none of the candy being thrown goes to waste.
Look out for the stubby floating grain bin girls!

Another sure thing at a small town sports day is food. Home made pie, hamburgers, hotdogs, coffee.....

The day also included horse shows, ball games, various musical events, viewing of a documentary done about our town by NewYork film makers (no joke), meals, and of course the dance (which I was too cheap to get a sitter to attend....also after a day like this the thought of staying up late wasn't that appealing).

Well that was just a taste of our small prairie town culture.

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Heather said...

What fun! Your boys are so imaginative, and you crack me up!