The Fathers in my life

We spent this Fathers Day weekend camping with our church family. I'll post more about what a fun weekend we had later. Right now I want to honor the Father's in my life, a day late. :)

I am so proud of my Dad. He has always been a quiet force of strength and stability in the life of his family. I love his strength of character, integrity and the love he has for his children and grandchildren.
I am have been especially proud to call him my dad this year as he has worked tirelessly in Haiti before and after the devastating earthquake. He has also been working hard to bring home their 5th daughter and 6th child....my new Haitian sister. We are all hoping to welcome her to Canada and to our family soon. She is currently living in an orphanage but has known my parents for years, has spent time living with them in Haiti and calls them mama and papa.

In a world where too many men sacrifice their children out of convenience , or personal gain....he has spent his life sacrificing FOR his family. At the same time he has provided an inspiring example of someone who lives life to the full as he strives to grow stronger spiritually, relationally and physically. His "grey hair years" have found him running marathons, competing in canoe races way up north( that last for days or weeks) , adventure races, and triathlons. He can be found running the hill behind his farm in Canada or hiking the mountains of Haiti. He is not afraid of discomfort and is always ready to do what it takes no matter how daunting the task might seem. That holds true both in recreation and in his life.

This picture is my Dad holding his 4th grandson Silas. Your Grandkids love you Dad!
I'm thankful that for (almost) 33 years I've experienced my father's unconditional love and unwavering protection. In the early years I learned the value of firm boundaries, self discipline and perseverance. I am thankful that my father has also been a example of solid faith, authentic integrity, and a life lived genuinely.
His legacy will live on for generations after him.

Happy Fathers Day to my husband. The other Father in my life.
You have a fathers heart and compassion that extends beyond your own children and includes others in need of a fathers love. You have been a dedicated father to your own children as well as a father to the fatherless. You are a combination of playful childlike qualities, firm boundaries and and open approachable relationship with your children. Our children love you and so do I.

You teach our daughter what it means to be loved, respected and valued. A healthy father daughter relationship is so important in the life of a girl. As you encourage and nurture, challenge and guide her ,you help call out in her who God created her to be. You help her discover who she is. With you she learns that she has a voice, how men in her life should treat her, and that she has unlimited potential as a child of God.

You are our kids best playmate. I love how you challenge them to do things that they think they can't do, take them on adventures, laugh with them and have such open communication with them. With you they feel protected and valued.

I took this picture this weekend. I thought it was cute how my hubby was walking Roman back to change out of his soaking wet clothes so they could go to the climbing wall. They had fun playing in the lake. It was cool and rainy so we didn't get out the swimsuits but spontaneity makes life more fun. :)

You encourage our boys to be the best that they can be, to push past barriers of fear and conformity to discover the unique individuals God made them to be. You provide freedom within boundaries, consequences wrapped in grace, and a whole lot of fun along the way. Together our goal is to nurture them into men of strong character, bold integrity and an unquenchable spirit.


Another important aspect of fathering is how a father builds the framework through which a child will later view God. If a father is domineering, impatient and controlling....a child will often grow to view God that same way. A child will emotionally and sometimes physically flinch and twitch around their domineering father and will respond to God the same way. If a father is critical and demeaning...a child will learn that they will need to strive for perfection in order to be loved by God. If a father is manipulative, abusive, and disrespectful.... a child will have a hard time learning to trust...people as well as God. If a father is physically or emotionally disconnected, absent or uninterested....they may grow to see God the same way. The way we parent our kids should represent how God parents us. Grace, truth, unconditional love, firm boundaries, uninhibited joy, enduring patience, freedom to grow and make mistakes, trust, sacrifice and hope should define our parenting. We may have our good days and bad days....but at the end of the day these things (and more) should be a part of the framework of what we strive for.

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