Back yard construction

After many years of begging, our kids finally have an outside play fort! We put up the posts for it a couple summers ago but it wasn't completed until this past weekend. The rainy weather has given the hubby a little extra time for things like building tree houses.

Its really high...well high for a kids play structure anyway (the crows nest floor is 14 feet from the ground!).
In case you are wondering ...that is indeed my sexy sweat pant clad legs and couture foot wear.

The minute the structure was complete they ran to the house to grab some costumes and props.
Roman has a toy guitar slug over one shoulder, a wooden rifle over the other and is wearing some sort of vest. Silas is ready to catch minows or something.

Since my carpenter husband designed and built it I have no doubts as to it's strength and attention to safety (within reasonable limits of still being thrilling and fun)

Aili and Roman spent many hours helping dad on the project. In this picture they are almost finished with the railing. Next came the main ladder and then the crows nest ladder, which covers the lower ladder hole (to keep kids from accidentally falling out.)
I think I'm just as happy about it as the kids are. Probably for different reasons. My happy thoughts tend to wander to countless hours spent with the children entertaining themselves (and probably half the neighborhood) outside. When they whine that they're bored, or want to spend summer vacation lounging in front of the tv I can point to the play fort. As long as they get their imaginations involved there really is no limits to what adventures they will have in this tree-less treehouse.

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Rebecca M said...

That thing is so awesome, Carla! How fun! And I love that your kiddos got to help building it, too!