just for fun

Let me explain why posting pictures of myself is fun. My blog chum Lynnette asked us to post pictures that represent ourselves (and actually are ourselves). Just for kicks.
So here goes. I realized by doing this how often I'm the one behind the camera instead of in front of it.

This is me with my three kidlets and two others that I sponsored in Mexico. I love Mexico and I love kids (at least sometimes)
Another mommy picture. There seems to be a theme.
Yikes! Now thats a mommy picture! I was annoyed that my husband was taking a picture of me in my early morning, severely sleep deprived state. You can't tell by the look on my face can you? I think this picture is funny because it's so real...and because my coffee and laptop made it into the photo. I live a glamorous life.
My family and I looking a little more prepared for a picture.
um..ok. I don't know who that is.

Happy Place. Last spring my husband and I took a very spontaneous (booked on Friday, left on Monday) trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. You can see some more pictures here and here. It was the best trip we've ever taken together, childless...not that there have been very many of those. Relaxing all day by the pool....by the beach...eating at taco stands. mmmm. Happy me.


We Are Family said...

This is a great post...I like "real" posts like this!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Carla, you are one beautiful lady. I love the somber face morning picture. hee hee Just being real right? :) Your hair in those braids is very Bo Derek, but you knew that right? Very sexy. ha!!!! (Did I just say that?)

Thanks for linking up. I've seen you before, but I know there will be people who haven't (and it was fun seeing all these pictures together).

A house full of blondies!

Love ya!

Kathryn said...

What a fun, beautiful family. :)

I'm "popping over" from Lynnette's. I only shared my side bar pic, as it is my favorite.

You live NE of where i grew up in Western MT. I think i've only been to Alberta, however.

Have a lovely day. :)

Kelli said...

Fun, Fun!! Stopping by from Lynette's Picture Hop...I love the side~pony =) Thanks for sharing!! Nice to "see" you!!

lambechops said...

Love the pictures! I'm visiting from Lynette's blog I'll be back - love your blog.

Jobina said...

You look gorgeous somber and tired or sporting a crazy 80's side ponytail! I'm all for real and non-glamorous lives, they're fun. Thanks for the pics!

simplebeauty said...

Hello!! I am really enjoying this picture blog hop! I can relate to coffee and computer time in the mornings!

Did you crimp your hair with that side pony tail?? I use to love my crimper!! ahhhh.. the 80's

Have a wonderful day and blog hop!

Simple Beauty

Linda said...

Cool hair! Fun pictures...Great family!

This is fun seeing Lynnette's chums. I'm her mom Linda...and it is nice to meet you.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

croleyc69 said...

What a wonderful family !! Great pics


Lyn said...

Hi Carla,
You have a beautiful family! I know what you mean, I am usually the one behind the camera as well. Pictures of me are few and far between.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to meet you as well!
Lyn @ Southern Homeschool Journey

Diana said...

Love all your hairdos! Very cool with the braids and beads!

Mommy photos are the best, I think... that's real life. =)

Thank you for sharing yourself with us... I really enjoyed meeting you!

Jo Princess Warrior said...

Hey loved seeing your photos and nice to 'meet' you.

Jenilee said...

love your pictures! especially the side ponytail! :) visiting from Lynnette's!