Track and Field Day

Before I begin with the Track and field day pictures....here is another freak show picture.
I chased him outside shortly after snapping this shot.
I literally have children hanging from my ceiling and climbing my walls. Despite finding it somewhat irritating....I do find it quite impressive.

Me and a very precious little girl. I am soaking up our time with little Cece. She is growing so fast and getting so much easier as the newborn stage passes. I am totally in love....and totally enjoying having a little girl after so many boys. I had a heart dropping scare yesterday when I missed a call from her case worker. I was so afraid to call back because I was sure that she would ask me to bring her in. It always happens so suddenly like that. I almost had a panic attack when I saw Social Services number on my call display! Turns out she's not leaving yet. phew. I can put off the heart ache a little longer.....

No ,climbing my walls isn't a track and field event. If it were this boy would definitely win a medal. I think we need to build some monkey bars or climbing walls OUTSIDE this summer!
It's a good thing you can't see my scowling face telling my son to get his dirty paws off my wall.
I am starting to wonder if he was bit by a spider at some point....
So far I haven't seen any signs of a web shooting ability.

Today was Track and Field day at my kids school.
Meet team Hickville. Yes, that is the size of their k-6 school.
Its' the same school I attended...and my dad....and my grandpa...

Every Burlando kid knows that where you lack in athletic ability you can make up for with showmanship....or clown-man-ship.

Run Roman Run!

Silas and his "bef fwens"

Watching kids at the "ball throw" event.

Elementary school high jump is always very entertaining.
Aili actually made it over the bar without knocking it over...despite her interesting form.
Another classic event, running long jump.
Despite my questionably bad attitude leading into the day it turned out to be a lot of fun. The rain went away for the day. The wind kept the mosquito's in hiding and the temperature was perfect. Nathanael was able to come and work our shift in the makeshift food booth. The kids enjoyed hotdogs , rice krispie squares, 10 cent candies, and cheetos for lunch!
That right there is worth writing about.


We Are Family said...

I like this post!

Jonathan said...

I love your posts. Your kids are so entertaining! And you're just so wonderfully honest : )

Emily said...

What a beautiful family you have been blessed with! I'm glad you found me and I look forward to reading more here. :)

Jobina said...

I LOVE pics and stories of your kids! Roman is absolutely hilarious with his Spiderman antics. How his does that I cannot understand. Baby Cece has such beautiful hair! This stage is so awesome with all the cooing and smiles, I could just eat my baby up! I hope you get a nice long time with her, maybe even past the end of July?? :o)