My Circus

Staring Roman the Monkey boy and his trusty side Kick Silas. In this hallway are 4 doorways. Roman monkey's his way around to all of them without touching the ground using his toes and fingertips. I think I should get this kid to a climbing wall!
He aspires to be a break dancer, not that he's ever had a dance lesson. This music loving boy loves to dance, to move, and to contort his body in all sorts of strange positions. I may have too look into something sort of gymnastics or dance lessons next winter...if we aren't in Mexico. He would love it!

Roman is a boy with various unusual talents. One of his most recent interests is constructing. It has only been recently that his attention to detail and his fine motor skills caught up to his creativity. He now designs and creates the most fantastic..um..."things" with Bionicles, Legos, wood (yes his daddy gave him a drill, hammer, and a saw one afternoon). Actually he can create something with just about anything including a stack of garbage (which I now can't throw away because it will eventually be a "go-cart").

The detail and symmetry in his Bionicle "ships" are amazing. They even have moving parts that fold up. I can barely figure out how to attach two of the pieces together never mind build anything spectacular. I am always surprised at the precise symmetry of his creations. Not a piece out of place.

He looks a little stoned in this picture. Still cute...but burnt out. This is how he comes home from school everyday. Completely spent. He then disappears into his room to get lost in his imagination for a while. We have learned he needs to have some decompression time from his school day.

This is also how he unwinds and spends the rest of the evening. Upside-down. Usually in very little clothing. Free of every sort of conformity. Every since he was a toddler he has decompressed, processed his day, and de-stressed up side down. We may have to start calling him Mork.

He decided to add some balancing difficulty with the couch cushion...or maybe his head was getting sore. Either way...he just gets up there and stays that way...until little brother knocks him over and makes him mad. Making his big brother mad is one of Silas' unique talents.
The last several posts have been on the deep and heavy end of the scale. I am now going to purposefully position my thoughts (and posts) back toward the fun, "enjoying -my -very- blessed- life- to- pieces"..side of the scale.
Sometimes the deep and heavy topics are warranted. That is where my heart has been . That is the season we find ourselves in. In this season God is taking me to knew wonderful heights and depths of faith that I would not experience without the trials. I record them here to mark where I have been and to remember what God has taught me (I forget far too quickly).
At the same time life goes on. I have SO much life, love and laughter to enjoy. I have 3 healthy thriving kids. I have a beautiful little foster baby...who I am soaking up every moment of. I have a husband whom I love and who loves me. I have a big old family that knows me and has my back. I am a forgiven, blessed and cherished daughter of the King. I am so thankful for those things. I feel so thankful.

Today, I'm particularly thankful for this very agile and unique gift from God.


Valen and Carol said...

I love Aili calmly combing her hair while the boys crawling up the door!

For His Glory said...

Ha I was just about to leave the same comment as the above...Notice the wild monkey boys and then the sweet girl combing her hair in the bathroom...I loved reading what you shared about your boy who builds out of anything! My 8 year old is the exact same way....I dare not throw something useful away, if he sees it in the trash, he basically asks me, "what were you thinking mom?" and I reply "sorry?"