..my husbands birthday today! We won't be having an actual party and birthday cake until Sunday. Although we are nearing the end of "Seeding" season he is still hard at work. He has been working very long hours in the fields seeding Canola and Lentils. That is a LOT of hours in the tractor and a lot of evenings, early mornings and meals without my husband to help on the homefront. Today was no different. We did manage to get some rain yesterday. That delayed the field word for a few hours this morning , giving him a relaxing morning at home on his birthday. Perfect timing wouldn't you say?

After school, the kids and I took him a couple of homemade blueberry muffins and a travel mug of coffee. On the way we even stopped at the only retail establishment in our tiny town..."The Bar" to buy him a can of ROOTBEER (no drinking on the job!). A can of soda is right up there with cake and icecream in this family...a rare treat indeed. Something special.

Happy Birthday to my hard working, fun loving, and playful husband.

I thank God for bringing you into my life over 14 years ago. We have experienced a lot of life together. Our years have most definately never been dull.

I am so proud of the generous, loyal, compassionate man of integrity that the Lord has made you to be. God isn't through with you yet. I know as you continue to surrender your life, your passions, your ambition, and your will to him that He is going to do an amazing work through you...He already is. You are most definately a fruit bearer..(even if sometimes the fruit is a little prickly)

This past year has been full of incredible experiences (that included our 6 months in Mexico). It has also been a year filled with heartache and harsh realities as you courageously face situations that no man should have to face. Throughout it all you have been an example of grace , maturity and sometimes even humour.

Thankyou for investing in the lives of our children. For wanting the best for them even when sometimes the BEST for them isn't what the world says it should be. Thankyou for your consistent love and affection for our newest foster baby. You haven't been around much since she came into our home but you have still made the time to snuggle her and treat her like your little princess. It takes a special kind of man to open his home to a colicky newborn.

Happy Birthday my knight in shining Carhartts.
I love you,

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