New Camera!

It was a good Mother's Day for this mom!
Better than most I would say.
Some years the day has been an utter disappointment as it often gets lost in the shuffle of single parenting through our busy farming season.
Usually it's pretty uneventful.
This year, after being awake most of the night with a fussy baby and starting the day at 5.30am with a 3 year old who insisted at being up with the sun, I made breakfast, rushing around getting four kids and myself ready for church.
I received my home made cards from my kids (love it), and a "Happy Mother's Day" greeting from my hubby.
I figured that was it.
He surprised me with a Nikon D5000 SLR camera!
We had discussed how nice it would be to have a good camera but never took it past the wishing/someday chat.
I guess it's a good thing he didn't tell me what he was up to or I probably would have, being the sensible(cheap) person I am, convinced him of 100 other more practical and necessary ways to spend the tax return $.
I am thrilled though. In over my head technologically and photographically but thrilled.
I was made to feel special and loved in lots of little ways through out the day as well. A highlight being a 2 hour nap while the hubby looked after the brood.

Here are a few trial run photos. At this point I appreciate the automatic and scene specific settings. I have started reading the 235 page technical manual but may have to go buy the "Nikon D5000 for Dummies" book or "Nikon D5000 for Sleep Deprived Blondes".
I'm looking forward to doing some learning and experimenting with photography...now that it's so easy, available and inexpensive for novices like me (once the novice has a camera to play with). The beauty of digital.

"The best mom ever" Can you see it? It's there....sort of. Roman figured out how to write it all by himself.

My first picture with my new camera. Look at the detail and how the food on his face shows up so exquisitely. I realize that all my pictures lately are of Silas. Apparently he is my favorite child....or maybe it's because the other kids just aren't around as much now that they are in school. That's another blog post for another day.

***I have a prayer request for any of my praying friends in blog world. My husbands family has been going through a very difficult time lately. This has now been made exponentially worse by the rapid and very serious deterioration of his parents already fragile state of health. The 6 grown kids (and their families) are forced into situations, decisions and grief that typically doesn't happen for another 20-30 years. That's life though. Full of ,not so unexpected, surprises sometimes. Please lift this family up in prayer. Our family is in need of God's touch physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. We need God's grace, peace and healing on so many levels right now. It's been a hard week. ****

On a lighter note.
The sun is out.
The crop is being seeded.
We had some rain to take the edge off of the dryness.
Spring is here.
Our new baby "miss Cece" is napping regularly in her own bed....
and I had avocado and salad for lunch.
I'm trying to focus on the good.


Valen and Carol said...

Incredible pictures...takes lots!
We've decided to wait to go to Auburn until we are needed. Lack of money and someone to take our place help with the decision.

Grandpa Steve said...

welcome back to the Saskatchewan part of the world...yeah, I'm not there yet but welcome back anyway!

I'll be praying for NAthaniel, Brook and ALL their family.

Valen and Carol said...

How many pixels and zoom?

Robert said...

We are praying for your husband's family, Carla.
And here's some weirdness to share: I had a dream yesterday in which you guys were all in our living room discussing the struggles his family is going through. Weird! A good reminder to pray for you all, though!
-rebecca m