Back home (take 2)

The above photo is of our yard today.
May 4.
Spring where are you?
The grass was turning green. The snow was gone...again....and now this?

Our yard in April.
When we arrived back home at the beginning of April it was sunny, warmish, very dry and no snow. Other than being a little concerned about the lack of precipitation I was relieved that the weather back home was closely resembling the weather I had left behind in Baja Mexico. The kids didn't skip a beat as they pulled on their shorts and ran around outside in their flip flops. However a short while later...winter returned in all it's raging glory.
The problem was the kids didn't have winter snow gear. Fortunately it wasn't terribly cold and the kid managed to scrounge enough clothing to have a good time playing.
Our Canadian spring blizzard.

The yucky weather gave us lots of time to do some projects inside the house.
I painted Aili's room pink and turquoise. Nathanael finally finished the bathroom remodel. Our main bathroom (the other one is down in the basement) has been completely torn apart for over a year. Don't ask.
My talented husband remodeled every inch of it from the plumbing and dry wall to the tile and electrical.
It's handy having a handy guy for a husband.

Here's my handy man in training.
Or maybe my baker's apprentice.

With a little one on one attention along with the extra consistency of being at home all day, he's really blossomed into a very enjoyable well behaved little boy. I knew he had it in him ;) He has grown up so much in the last few months. He's still silly any chance he gets though. :)

The kids have all adjusted well to their new/ old surroundings. The first couple weeks were both wonderful ( I have a HOUSE!) and a little difficult for all of us. The kids all adjusted in their own ways. Silas became very insecure and afraid of everything...including his room, his closet, our house in general. He was rather used to us all sleeping in the same room.
Roman went into a "funk" for about a week and was ticked at the world and every one in it for no apparent reason. We know him well enough to prepare for it. For a very adventurous and flexible personality ...change usually affects him the most, in somewhat strange and subtle ways. He came around though and has been doing very well in his new routine (that includes going back to public school). He has really settled in and his maturity and responsibility have kicked into high gear lately. He's the first one up, dressed and ready for school in the A.M and he has been a big help around the house.
Aili merged right back into life as usual here rather seamlessly. She is already asking when we can go back to Mexico! I think as she continues to reminisce about and process our winter she is realizing what an amazing experience it was for all of us. She is eager to return although she is enjoying her life here. As she was explaining how conflicted she feels she echoed my exact feelings.
I miss Mexico. I miss our friends. I miss the kids.
I am thoroughly enjoying my life as usual back home.
I am LOVING having a house after living in a camping trailer for nearly 6 months.
I am loving being a home maker (with a home), baking, cooking healthy food and spending a lot of quality time with my own kids. It's been great to just re-group as a family after so many months of ministry marathon.
I am enjoying the conveniences and luxuries of home.

The biggest change to our family has been just this past week.
We have a new baby.
She came to our home last Monday. She is just over a month old and has turned my life of relative leisure into nights of dealing with screaming colic (and drug withdrawal...baby, not me) and days of blurry exhaustion. She is absolutely precious and has already wrapped herself around my heart but I admit there are moments I wonder what on earth I signed myself up for. I think I was kind of spoiled with the last few babies we fostered. This little girl is definitely higher maintenance. It is fun to have a girl though after a so many boys.
My other three are loving having her. Silas has always been baby crazy and the other two are such big helpers with her. I am so proud of all of them! They have not only been willing but eager to love her and to share their parents with her. Actually we were only home a few days when the kids started asking when we would get another baby. Of course, as a mother, I still struggle with "mother's guilt" on occasion. The first couple days I worried how taxing this would be on them as far as having to share me. I think I feel more concerned now with the eventual, inevitable goodbye and how , particularly Silas, will cope. He understands so much more this summer than last but he also remembers the other babies leaving and as a result is very protective of this one.
As I attempt to write this post my family is succumbing to a sudden onset of stomach flu. I really can't do sick right now. ugg.
The baby just had her drug withdrawal meds. reduced today and is not liking it. It could be a long night.
Well that's a brief update on our re-entry into crazy life as usual.

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