Spring has Sprung...finally.

Spring fever? ....or a party girl who's very excited that birthday season has officially begun.

My little tomato plants are growing and waiting to move out to the garden (it froze last night...so it could be a while)
My tulips are blooming. The landscape of brown and grey is finally turning green with splashes of color.
My cherry bush is blooming.
I have my garden planted and the farm "seeding" season is almost done. It would have been finished Saturday evening but the work got rained out. Rain is always welcome in this frequently dry part of the world.

What has our pickiest eater smiling?

Fettecinni Alfredo (I used penne noodles), garlic fried scallops and edamame (the kids call them "pop beans"). I tried a new recipe that I had seen on "Dr. Oz". The secret to the Alfredo sauce is it is made from pureed cauliflower...instead of the usual butter and cream.
It was amazing!! Even I was surprised how yummy it was. You would never guess that it's cauliflower since you couldn't taste it at all. It tasted like creamy Alfredo sauce.

Here is the recipe:

Steam 1/2 head of cauliflower (cut into small florettes)
in a frying pan cook 2 diced shallots in 2 tbsps olive oil. (I also added minced garlic)
once they are translucent add 1/2 cup chicken stock.
Allow the cauliflower and shallots to cool a little and then puree it all in a blender.

Add 1 cup reduced fat parmeson cheese.
salt and pepper.

Pour over whole wheat fetticini or other pasta.
I dare you to try it! Yummy, healthy and really easy.

Even my husband thought it was delicious. No one could guess what the secret ingredient was. They all tried.
It was very rich and creamy but without the fat of traditional Alfredo. It also contains a big old serving of cancer preventing cauliflower.

...and there was no unusual side effects what so ever.

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